If you’ve been following Hemetic for a while now, you’ve probably noticed that we like to leverage our in-house product design abilities to help us gauge a product's potential before we bring it into full production. We did this with our Proto-Project series a year ago, and with our knit beanies this past fall. Now, we’ve done it again.

Let us start by telling you a bit about the mindset behind this limited Spring/Summer release. After a successful Fall and Holiday season, we got back to the drawing board to create a handful of products that would make our brand more accessible to the every day consumer. From the very first day, one of our primary goals has been to build a brand that sells American Made products that are stylish, high quality, and sold for a reasonable price. As it stands, consumers have a choice between cheap imported bags, expensive imported bags, and expensive American Made bags. Our goal is to create a fourth option: reasonably affordable American Made bags. With this limited launch of our Spring / Summer 2015 line, we’re looking to take another step in that direction.

With that, we’re excited to present to the jury three new products for your consideration. We mean jury almost literally. We're putting this limited launch out in hopes of collecting feedback from our customers before putting the final touches on our full Spring / Summer lineup. So take a look, and if you're into what you're seeing, let us know by either picking up one of this limited edition samples in our shop, or in the comment section below!

Exhibit A:  The Nylon Gym Duffle

This product may look familiar to long time fans of the brand. Back in December of 2013, we posted a Mini-Duffle Bag as part of our Proto-Project series. Since then, we’ve received consistent request to bring the product to full production. Inspired by the response, we’ve recreated a stripped down version of the Mini-Duffle, with the idea that it’s simple Nylon construction would make it the perfect companion for a range of adventures that you might not want to bring your canvas duffle along on. Specifically, we see this Nylon Mini Duffle as being a perfect companion for a trip to the gym, a muddy/sandy/wet adventure, or even a quick overnight trip. Of course how you use it is ultimately up to you.

Exhibit B: Light Nylon Daypack

Alright, we’re going to be completely honest here. Compared to our American Made competitors, the retail price of our Day-to-Daypack ($129) is totally affordable, and could even be considered cheap. Folks already interested in American Made products wouldn’t hesitate to agree with this. The thing is though, part of our goal with Hemetic is to influence a generation of consumers to consider buying American rather than cheaply made products from over seas. To this market, $129 for a backpack can seem expensive when compared to the $60 packs available at retailers in the mall.

Our Light Nylon Daypack is our attempt at bridging the gap. With its $69 price tag, the Light Nylon Daypack is completely affordable, while still offering the high quality construction and features that we strive for. For our most price conscious customers, we offer you the Light Nylon Daypack.

Exhibit C: Light Canvas Daypack

This honesty thing is feeling good, so we’re going to keep rolling with it. After finishing up the Nylon Gym Duffle, and the Light Nylon Daypack, we had a moment of panic as we realized that releasing two new Nylon products might change the perception of the brand in an unintended way. Sort of like when a band releases their second album, and it's so different that even their most loyal fans jump ship. Anyways.

As a result of that panic, we decided to introduce a third product to our soft launch: the Light Canvas Daypack. This pack is the same design as the Light Nylon Daypack, except it’s built with our premium water resistant canvas. Amongst the three, this product is our personal favorite. It’s a high quality, canvas backpack that’s Made in America, with a price point that’s under a hundred bucks. This bag looks great, feels great, and we think it’s poised to be one of our best sellers.

So there you have it! We believe this Limited Release is another step in the right direction. If you like what we’re doing with this lineup, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! Your input is extremely valuable to us and will be used as we consider how to bring these products into full production. Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you want to be the first to own one of these products, then head over to our shop now where you can pick up one of these limited edition, hand sewn pieces. If you don’t act now, you’ll have to wait until these products are officially released!

With our Spring / Summer release just a handful of weeks away, we thought we’d give you guys a preview of what we’re working on and gather any last minute feedback. Click through to check out our latest products!

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