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There are some things in life that you don’t know you need until you experience it. Like coffee. When you were a kid, you probably didn’t drink it. Then one day you did and quickly discovered the power of caffeine. From that day forth, you started every day with coffee. You needed it to survive. The Hemetic Effortless Koozie is a lot like coffee. Until now, you’ve probably never thought twice about five finger gripping a cold metal can. It’s just what you did. With the new Effortless Koozies though, five finger gripping becomes nothing more than a fun fact in history books. The 1” wide Nylon handle that we’ve added to these classy Koozies is uninvasive and yet big enough to slip a couple of fingers through, giving you the ability to hold a can without even trying (literally). It’s a simple change, but once you try one of these, you’ll never hold a can without one again. Welcome to the new era of can control.


Simply put, launching new products requires a decent amount of effort up front. Between the logistics of material sourcing and financial cost of production, it’s a lot harder to launch a new product than you might think. In order to justify the release of new products, we’ve decided to utilize a pre-sale strategy to help us understand the demand for the product before we produce it. Doing this also helps us understand the level of interest for different colors and sizes. To say thanks for your early support, we’re giving everyone who pre-orders the best deal we can on our new line. If you like what you see here and think you’ll want one eventually, we encourage you to Pre-Order it today, before time runs out and the price jumps up to retail!


Dashed Red Line

  • Fits All Standard Aluminum Cans
  • 1″ Nylon Web Handle
  • Insulated
  • Hemetic Flag Woven Label
  • Designed in Burlington, VT
  • Sewn in America
  • Lifetime Warranty

Hemetic Trading Co. Made in USA


We make our products here in America simply because it’s the right thing to do. You’ve heard the arguments for buying American products before: it keeps your dollars local, it employs our neighbors, it’s better for the environment, and it’s better for human rights. To us, manufacturing in America is all of that and more. It’s also an issue of quality, originality, and integrity. At Hemetic, these ideas make too much sense to ignore, which is why we remain committed to manufacturing our products here in America.

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Lifetime Warranty from Hemetic Trading Co.


As a proud American manufacturer of carry goods and lifestyle products, we have a certain level of quality that we hold ourselves to. If your Hemetic product experiences any failure during what you consider to be the reasonable lifetime of the product, simply send it back for a return, repair, or exchange based on the situation.

That’s it, no catches.

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