Upon landing at Vancouver International Airport, we wasted no time in heading for the mountains. Whistler, British Columbia is a located on the North Western edge of Garibaldi Provincial Park, about an hour and a half away by car. Rather than take a train or bus which would keep us confined to Whistler village, we opted for a rental which would allow us more freedom to explore.

About halfway between Vancouver and Whistler is Squamish, BC- an incredibly scenic town of just under 20,000. Seeing as we rented a car to give us more flexibility, we decided to stop and check out the area. It was a good thing we did. Our brief layover in Squamish provided some of the most epic scenery of the entire trip. Between the rainbow we saw erupting from the mountains on the Sea to Sky Gondola and the incredible waterfalls at Shannon Falls, we knew we were in for a photogenic vacation.

Exploring Whistler:

After passing through Squamish, we continued onward to Whistler, where we spent first few days of the trip exploring the resort's incredible terrain. Used to skiing the Green Mountains back in Vermont, it was the shear magnitude of Canada's Coast Mountains that impressed us the most. Between the rock faces, trees, and ice crevasses, the overall enormity of the resort was unlike anything we'd seen before.

Into the Mountains:

After spending a few days at the resort, we were feeling pretty exhausted and ready for some relaxation. Trying to be resourceful, we turned to the internet to see if there were any hot springs in the area to check out. Sure enough, we found one that seemed nearby. Hopping into the rental, we set course for what we expected to be a leisurely day. Apparently in our rapid googling, we somehow missed the detail that getting to the hot water spring would involve us grinding through mud, plowing snow with our bumper, and getting stuck twice. Whether through stupidity or shear stubbornness, we persevered and finally made it to our destination. Needless to say, it was more than worth it.
In this Field Report, Charlie and Sarah find their adventurous selves taking in the sights of British Columbia. From waterfalls to crevasses, this Field Report is packed with the natural beauty of Canada’s Coast Mountains.

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